I'm toying with the idea of selling my 2320sc

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
I love the boat and know there is no other 2320SC like mine
But a 28 BHM that I love that is up in my area, that does 25-28kts with it's 340 Yanma diesel !!!
just came on the market and I WANT IT !!!
Adding to the fact that my 2320 is a bit small (though VERY seaworthy) for my 6pack charters!
What would you do and how much can I expect to get for my Parker by either selling or trading it towards the BHM ???
Nothing wrong with that BHM Capt. She is still a pilothouse. :)
The extra room and the economy of the Yanmar would make her a good 6-pak boat.

As much as I love my Parker, I still lust for something like this (even if I could never afford it)...
Anybody got an extra $400k they want to 'donate'?

Ronnie, I think you will be beter off selling privatly vs. trading in. The BHM seems to me would be a better 6 pak boat. No knock on the 23 Parker. The Parkers have sold me on the pilothouse and I often consider a downeast boat like you're considering. Good luck and keep us posted.
As we approach the winter months boats are more difficult to sell. I have an acquaintance in Florida and he says that the same happens there. Between October and March boat sales slow to a crawl.