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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
A Parker "Sport Cabin" = Wheelhouse Sportfisher when used recreationally, or a "Pilot Boat" when used for commercial uses.

In fact, when showed pictures of my boat, specially the cockpit, my host called it "A weekend cottage with standing headroom and a dance floor."

Here's a typical UK-built 20' pilot boat, look at the high sheer of the bow, reminds me of the Ospreys. Most gunnels on boats I saw were at least 30" high:

Other US to EU maritime nomenclature:

Boating Under Influence (BUI) = Drink Boating

Center console = Helm Amidships Fisher

Cuddy Console = Sport Cuddy

Enclosed Center Console (think Maritime skiff w/ phone booth helm) = Wheelhouse Amidships Walk-Around

Fiberglass or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) = Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Line = Warp

Slip = Pontoon Berth

Stove on a boat = Cooker

Walk-Around = Enclosed Helm All-Around

Oh yeah ... when boating in Sweden, "fart" means speed and "prick" means a pole beacon type of buoy, so when told to "Follow the pricks into the harbor" ... they don't mean the guy ahead of you ;) .
Did 'ya happen to notice what a gallon o' gasoline was going for over there? Used to be we would shudder when we heard what Europe was not.
cbigma":1oztdc1b said:
Did 'ya happen to notice what a gallon o' gasoline was going for over there?

~ $6.50 per US gallon