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Feb 26, 2006
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Good Morning,
I am new to this board. I recently sold my boat (Kencraft Challenger)and am looking for a Parker pilothouse boat. I have seen a few 2520's with inboard (either Volvo or Mercruiser) engines. Do you have any thoughts to these? I am interested in trailerability and performance (fuel consumption). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Joe, Take a look in the "Introduction" area. There are a few folks there who have posted photos of the I/O and Inboard powered Parkers.
They aren't very common, but they are out there.
I have a 2000 25' with the Volvo diesel. Its been a very good and reliable engine. Parts are not the cheapest. I currently have over 2400 hours with no problems. With 4 people, full load of fuel, 100 lbs of ice in the fish hold, full bait tank and full tuna tower I get 2.7 - 2.8 nmpg at 18 kts 3200 rpm's according to my flowscan. There not the fastest, but very reliable.
Have to look for older boats. Stopped making anything but outboards three years this September.

I have a '96 2530 with 5.7L Volvo DuoProp. Gets 2 mpg at cruise, 26 mph at 3600 rpm.

Is on a trailer though boat stays in water for the summer. Is on a 7400 lb. trailer.


this is a hot topic perenially.....i have a 350 v-8 on my has
some advantages, ie huge alternator with external regulator, ie it is
much quieter than ob, ie it use 7gal/hr at 3200 and 19 knots so is
very should distinguish straight inboard from i/o!
if you keep the boat IN THE WATER, do not go I/O.....the unit will get
corroded and mucked up quickly, and sanding and antifouling rx on
an i/o is about like pushing a wet noodle up a wildcat`s ass with a
swizzle stick.....go ob or ib if you have it in the water.....i keep mine
on a hi-dri rack at all times specifically because i have an i/0.....

the inboard will have the problem of hitting the bottom....this will
cost you thousands every time....on the upper chesapeake, a straight
inboard is masochism......the bottom WILL find your lower unit.....
i wouldnt try to trailer an inboard either....too hard to launch and retrieve,
and too much weight vs ob.....

in short, WHERE your boat is kept and WHERE your boat is used are
the rational guides to your selection.....the perfect engine hasnt yet
been built, and each setup has definite and predictable strengths and
weaknesses.......because i was going to use hi-dri, because i planned
to have much battery capacity installed, and because the upper chesa
peake guarantees frequest groundings, an i/o was the proper choice for
me.......but that is the kind of rational, analytic thinking you want to use...
dont let anybody tell you that any engine is what is "best" allround....
they are either ignorant or blowing smoke up your tailpipe.....dan
Thanks for the information. When I do find the boat, it will most likely be kept in dry storage. Trailering for me is a thing of the past unless necessary. I am tired of all of the idiots thinking I can stop my rig on a dime! Probably will go the OB way.