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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
Hello. I'm having a tought time picking out electronics for my 2320SL. The new;y redesigned dash is not electronics friendly. I've narrowed it down to a Garmin 192C GPS and a Raymarine DS600X Sonar. I will not be able to add radar to this setup without getting a 3rd unit though. I really wanted a Raymarine C120 but there's nowhere to fit this thing except hang it from the ceiling. What setup did you guys go with? Thanks!

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You might email Robin Parker with your questions. She provided me with a picture that had the dash dimensions for the 25XL which helped a great deal in picking out electronics. I was able to flush mount a Furuno FCV600L color sounder on the dash next to a flush mount Std Horizon 170 chart plotter. VHF was hung from the ceiling in the starboard corner. Also mounted a Furuno radar display on top of the dash to the left side of the compass. It's tight but workable. Good luck.


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The new dash is completely different.

The 'new style' helm makes mounting electronics tough.
But... just to give you some options, this is how I did my older style 2520 MVSC.


If you have questions... ask away!
I would see about moving the compass to the starboard side and mount to the left of the console. The other option is to mount from the top. There is an electronics mounting strip under the carpet in the roof. I would mount in the center angled towards the capt. Only thing to check is that it wont be too far back and become a head banger. I cannot remember how far back from the windshield the strip is...
The prior owner of my boat put a Garmin 178c chartplotter/sounder in my dash, and it really needs a bigger unit. The 178c would seem just right for your dash though. Your radar could be mounted on a bracket on top then?
Well, I test fitted a Garmin 3010 at the dealership and it was too big to mount on the dash (blocked the compass). I also tried it on the ceiling and it looked like it would get in the way. The C120 is even bigger.

Today I ended up just ordering a Garmin 192C (5") and a Raymarine DS600X (6") with the P79 transducer. Nothing fancy but good enough for me. In the future I can always get a Furuno 1723C if I decide I need radar and mount it on the ceiling somewhere.

These are the two units I ordered. They fit on each side of the compass with room to spare.



I also ordered an Icom M402 VHF, 8’ Digital VHF Antenna, 8’ Digital AM/FM Antenna, Poly Planar MRD-60, Poly Planar box speakers for inside the cabin, and Poly Planar gunwhale mount speakers for the deck. I'll be busy for bit next week. Thanks for your help guys.