June 10, 2006 Parker PH vs. Grady CC

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Apr 19, 2006
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New Milford, CT
Yesterday I fished a fluke tournament in my XL pilothouse in 20-30kt. west wind, white caps everywhere, and driving rain. Had to travel 14 miles each way. Wind driven rain blowing inside helm area to the point I closed the door while making a drift. I saw a freind in his big Grady CC, a great boat, who had to slow it down to a crawl while moving to make another drift to keep from soaking his crew. I was taking alot of water over the top while moving to make my next drift, but I was dry, warm and was able to make reasonable speed to set up on my next drift. After the tournament he came up to me and said what a "great fishing rig" I had and he envied my being able to watch my rods from the doorway in the worst of it and ability to stay dry while underway. A pretty good testamonial to our Pilothouses, coming from him. There have been plenty of times I've not been able to run with him, but yesterday I was sure glad I was in my Parker and not his Grady! :wink:
last fall i was running in freezing temps as the sun had just come up. the spray was actually freezing on the side glass. we saw a small cc running where two guys looked like stay puff men huddled behind the little console with the little windshield on the cc crusted with ice. my guest looked at me and commented that it sucked to be them. I just laughed. i bought a pilot house so I could fish on more than the fair weathered days.
Great story Stonebuster!
I've had experiences like that before as well, and like Greg said...
On days like that, it sux to be them. :wink: