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Apr 12, 2006
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Parker River, MA
Hello All, I am the recent proud owner of "Chop~Chop"; the 2510 WA MV is everything I had expected. There have been a few surprises, I may well should have expected. More on this in days to come. :wink:

I originally hail from Cape Cod Bay where I was fortunate to learn and play on my Dad's '67, and later, '78 Sea Ray 240CC, "cuddy cabin" back then. It was only a matter of time that I would earn my way to have A Boat on the North Shore. I'm looking forward to my third season of hauling out of work for an early lunch, down to the boat yard, for a long afternoon's float on PIS out around Cape Ann.

My first voyage, Memorial Day Weekend will be ever-told in memorium. Twenty-Five knots out of the NW and I have resi in P-Town. We had an interesting ride out from Essex to Rockport. "Not too bad Honey :p , now let's see how she handles down-wind." Twenty minutes or so and we were passing Thatcher's. It doesn't seem too bad; fifteen minutes later I knew it would be miserable if we turned back. Five hours later I was thoroughly impressed with how I..., I mean, the boat handled. I never would have imagined how the bow entry shape and hull design would make me feel safe in 4-6 at 8-10 knots.

A few of my favorite pics are attached. The 40" cow with my nephew and I was actually bagged off of Sandy Neck on my Dad's new 17' Key Largo.

The '78 Sea Ray is on a nice trailer looking for someone who wants a project...



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