Just got my "new" Parker 2520 !

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Wild Rover

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Mar 26, 2006
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Annapolis, Md
Have been lurking for awhile, but since my Parker just got shipped up to me yesterday I thought it was time to officially join the family ;-).

I bought a 2000 2520 Deep Vee Sport Cabin, with twin Yamaha 200's (pray gas prices go down), rear sunshade with spreader lights and rocket launchers, Performance Trailer, raw water wash down, Furno Radar and Furno depth sounder.

I swore I would never buy a Florida boat or a boat with twins, but I had to make an exception because the price was too good to pass up ($35K). The guy who owned it, is moving up to a Parker 28 and also owns a Parker 18.

The boat is clean and ready to fish, although, the topside is a little sunbleached and weathered. The Hull itself does not suffer from sunbleaching, and is shiny and clean. Any suggestions on how to address sunbleached deck would be appreciated.

Thanks to all of you who gave me feedback on the price at THT, and I look forward to seeing all those Chesapeake Parkers this spring.





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Wow! nice rig. The sun shade looks like a very nice feature.

Where do you keep your boat?

I am over by Cantler's :wink:
Welcome aboard Rich! I'll be looking for you in the area this season. I have a slip at Whitehall Yacht Yard and fish with the SRRKC. Look for us on Tidalfish. :wink:
If it doesnt stay within 50 cents a gal of the land, I will be doing short hauls to the pump.
B-Faithful":5mryhdn1 said:
If it doesnt stay within 50 cents a gal of the land, I will be doing short hauls to the pump.

50 cents would be good but up my way it's usually about a buck more on the water.
I was thinking about moving up but I don't think I want to mess with two motors right now, one F225 is enough.
Welcome Rich! Sounds like a great deal on a good boat. Looks like you have some good electronics too!

Post a few more details on the condition of the gel coat finish and we will be able to give a more precise answer pertaining to the treatment. It is not that difficult to bring back the shine and lustre. Is it slick/smooth/slight friction/rough to the touch, shiny/dull/chalky/very faded/absolutely no trace of shine left/white residue on hands? These type of answers will give us a better indication of what type of compound/wax to recommend.

As for the non skid I would get her clean (soft scrub w/ bleach, bar keeper's friend or comet, depending on grime level) and protect with Woody Wax periodically. Treat w/ several light coats initially. I use the Woody Wax kit to treat my stainless with a cotton glove for an applicator. The brass wool is a last resort tool to save stuff, but mine has not gotten that bad yet. I have used the wool on other's boats and it works. Also spend a little bit of time on the door latch mechanism. Free it up good and treat w/ a powdered graphite or get a recommendation from someone else here as to what they use.

While there may be no single product line we will all endorse, there are surely many that we all have had positive experiences with and can safely recommend. All we need is a bit more info on how much your finish has deteriorated. After years of trial and error I have settled on Collinite products for my wax needs.

I use a wax on the engine cowl and keep it covered with a factory cover. I have not found it to cause any condensation problems. Be sure to go over the motor with a fine toothed comb, checking all the components listed in the service schedule. Plug the indicator stream hole if you have problems with mud daubers --- unplug before use. Especially be sure to pull the prop and lubricate the shaft; This is something that many people neglect until it is too late.

--OOPS! I am getting way too preachy here! If you want more info on other related care issues on a new (used, but new to you) boat, just ask Megabyte. He seems to be a fanatic on keeping his craft squeeky clean, judging from the sparkling decks and brilliant hull shine evidenced in his pics! I wish I could keep mine like that!
Nice boat. I launch out of Fishing Creek Landings Marina. I would love to look at that sun shade and snap some pics.

You got a great buy on that boat. See you on the bay!