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Mar 1, 2006
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Redondo Beach
I have a 2004 Parker 2520xl and have been very happy with the hull. Looking to repower as soon as a 300 or larger four stroke comes available. The Suzuki 300df was introduced at the Miami Show however availability was questionable to at least the end of the year.
Will be attending the Fred Hall show in Long Beach tomorrow and Linwood and Robin Parker will be there.
Robin has been very responsive on numerous occasions through e-mails and am looking forward to meeting her.
Great to have a forum dedicated to the boats we own. I have made many modifications to my boat and will share them at a later date.
I have a seat with tackle box and generator enclosed.



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Welcome aboard!

Have you given thought to twin F150's? Are you worried that the boat will be stern heavy? The 2520XL with twin F150's is what I'd love someday!..


When I Purchased the boat the f150's hadn't been introduced. A pair of those would be perfect for that boat. The problem is the conversion of the armstrong single bracket to a twin bracket. The bolt pattern is different and aside from the cost all holes would have to be fiberglassed and possibly the deck removed to bolt down the bracket.
If anybody could come up with some practical options that would be great.
Keep hoping for a 300+ four stroke to come out. My boat has a large bait tank 65 gallon, a galley. an extra 4d battery, and the weight is such where the 225 is underpowered.

Beautiful photo!
Looks like we're assembling quite a group of west coast Parker owners! 8)
Hi Greg, welcome aboard. Very nice rig you have there. I have a 2520 also and have made some modifications. Can't wait to see yours when you post them. Allways looking for ideas you know. I live in San Pedro so maybe I will see you on the water one day. Are you fishing the halibut derby? I signed up at the Fred Hall show.

Thank you John on the Horndog for your kind words. The most used item of the modifications has been the cockpit seat that has a tackle station enclosed and also houses a 1000w Yamaha generator.
We will also be fishing the Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby and lets hope some fish finally move in Santa Monica Bay. Submitted the application at the show and received two shirts.
Fished Dana Point yesterday with little luck.

May see you next month

Greg [/b]