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Aug 21, 2006
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My Boat is a 2004 with the usual F150 Yamaha. Would really like a kicker for both an emergency backup and trolling.How much work is involved to set up a kicker motor on a 2120? If anyone has done it on the 2120 is it worth it?

Mike B
Great idea......keep us posted on your progress.
If the motor is on a bracket, the bracket should have the mounting plate for the kicker. It then becomes a matter of adding the rigging (fuel and ignition cluster) and tying the kicker into the F-150 with a steering link.

If the bracket doesn't have a mounting plate for the kicker, life gets complicated.

If the motor is in a cut-out on the transom, there are bolt on brackets for the kicker, and then the rigging is similar to what I stated above.

Do you have a pic of the motor, bracket, and transom on which you want to add this kicker?
We have a Highthrust 8hp kicker on my 2520XL. We primarily use it when trolling for salmon. I have the kicker set up so it is tied into the second steering station and the main helm.

It seems to push the boat great...the only problem I have is when the wind kicks up to about 15-20 kts...I get pushed around a little more.

I have a seperate fuel filter for the kicker and it feeds off the main fuel tank.

I posted a picture that I had on file of the setup. If you would like I can take some close ups of the kicker set up. My boat is currently out of the water so it will not be a problem. This photo was last spring when I had the hull painted.


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