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Knot Many

Feb 23, 2006
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Edgewater Md.

My name is Dave. I have a pretty rare Parker, hence the name of the boat is Knot Many. The boat is a 1996 2520 with a true inboard. The engine is a 7.4 L FWC Mercruiser, hurth V drive transmission, 1.5' shaft spinning a 18" prop.

The former owner added a heater to the cabin which runs off the engine. This has come in handy on many occasions while fishing early spring/late fall for stripers.


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In correspondence with Robin Parker she stated that in the early 80's when know as Sou'wester they made a run of these. She has no numbers since they were not exactly computerized then. Parker built the boat again in the 90's and she believes only 3 were produced. Talking with Linwood Parker this summer he said they only made a few runs of the Inboards.
Welcome to CP Dave! I'm glad to see you found your way here.

It is amazing to look at your boat and mine, and realize they are both the same model year. They are just so different, and not just because of the powerplants.

We might have to plan a ClassicParker raft-up in the Annapolis area this summer so we can all get together and trade info.

This forum has only been public for only about 4 days, and already we've seen just about every combination of boat that Parker has ever made. Amazing...

All we need to see now are a couple of Sou`westers. :D
That is a SWEET boat :D ! Welcome aboard!

Oh man, would I LOVE to buy that hull and put a brightwork overlay on the transom and then add a teak & holey sole into the cockpit :lol: !