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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
FYI - I just received this email from them in response to filling out their prop worksheet, as I wanted to see if they could boost the cruise performance (mpg) of my 25' Parker. Their illuminating response reminds me of that current insurance ad running now on TV, and I paraphrase .... "If they're this good when they're NOT selling you a prop, imagine how good they'll be when you need to buy one!" Make note of their words in bold text.

Good afternoon! Thank you very much for taking the time to complete a propeller worksheet for us, sir. Although we would be delighted to help you become a happier Parker driver, you appear to be running quite well, as she sits.

Your propeller efficiency is quite good, at both WOT and at your cruise speed, and your current WOT rpm figure is actually quite within the operating range of that Oceanrunner. Had you shown poor efficiency at one of those points, or a handling issue of some sort (cavitation, porpoise, ventilation, etc.), we would certainly be pleased to offer a recommendation. The truth is, you are truly running good numbers.

It may seem odd that we would try NOT to sell you a propeller, but we simply try to treat folks the way we would want to be treated, were we the customer. We prefer to give you advice intended to help you become a happier boater, rather than give advice simply designed to sell our propellers. We hope you do not mind.

If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to call.

Thank you very much.

Marcus Clements
Marketing Manager
PowerTech! Propellers


I give them a big CP thumbs up

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