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Feb 25, 2006
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Frog Mortar Creek
I need to send the message to see if the avatar shows. While I'm here, I have read several comments about spilling wine on the Grady and fish guts on the Parker. I have to confess, after a day of (unsucessful) fishing, my wife and I like to anchor in a quiet spot, split a bottle of wine, cheese, chilled shrimp, and watch the sun set. Is that wrong? Should we disguise our identities? The Parker deck is perfect for a couple of camp chairs, a table betwen us, and an oil lamp for abient light. Ahh.javascript:emoticon(':D')
Very Happy
Hey Bruce... After the fishing is done, the cool thing about a Parker is that the cockpit is big enough that you can entertain on her as well.



No wine for me, thanks. 8)

If I ever catch a fish that nice, I'll buy you a six pack of good ale! Heck, maybe, even a case.

I love the pictures of the family/friends. If that were a Searay, you would all be facing different directions.

Where do you keep your boat in Frog Mortar? I'm all the way in the back of Frog Mortar in Chesapeake Yachting Center.


We're in Tradewinds, just across the road by land and around the corner by water. We looked at the Yacht Center (and still might make the change). If we did, we would pobably go high and dry.

Last season was our first. I believe we passed you on the water. Our boat was not named last year, but we will be calling it "Capt. John D." after my wife's grandfather, a tugboat captain. Is you boat named? How is the Yacht Center?
No name on the boat, everyone gives me a hard time about it too, maybe I'll name it this year.

This will be my 3rd year at CYC and we like it there. I have two friends in the hi/dry and a few friends in slips. I think the marina is very clean and ran very well. Last year they installed an electric gate, they have a pool, hot tub, playground and showers that are cleaned every night.

One negative I hear about the hi/dry is you boat will get dirty from the dirt dust settling on the boats from the fork lifts going back and forth all day. They just installed a new floating dock for the hi/dry people, it looks to me like the place should hold at least 20-25 boats on all the docks for hi/dri boats.

The down side being in a slip, is it is a little tight from your bow to the boats bow across from you, but you get use to that.

I'm on C pier 6 slips from the bulkhead on the right. If you want a slip you better call it fills up fast. Hi/Dri I think they always have some room.
I think I'm paying around $2200.