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Aug 22, 2006
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Long Island North Shore
I searched the posts but couldn't find any reference to anyone having upgraded to the Lenco indicator switch which shows trim tab position and automatically retracts. I am thinking of doing this. It looks like a quick and easy project. They're relatively expensive ($299 Overtons, $207 ebay.) Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.


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There were times when I thought they might be useful. I however got in the habit just raising them up and resseting them if I had any concern. I've got 410 hours on the boat now and I'll be changing the tabs over to Bennetts 24X9 or 24X12. Read over all the threads about tabs before spending the money as you may want to consider the Bennetts.

I do the same...when in doubt about the setting, I raise them all the way up, then lower to suit the conditions. I probably wouldn't put that much money into the Lenco trim tab indicator, when you can spend a little more money and get 9x24 Bennetts.
Been running Lenco 9x24 all season and think their fantastic tabs. No problems. I thought about the LED switch when I bought my tabs but there was such a price difference. I bought the standard switch, after useing them a short while I pretty much knew where the tabs were. I bought my switch at Eastern Marine in Newark, Del. They also have a store on e-bay. I think they can beat the prices that you listed. Either way you choose to go..good luck.
When I bought the boat I thought the indicator switch would be important. It isn't. You will adjust the tabs to suit the boat's needs, however the indicator lights have minimal importance except to verify that they have been adjusted. They may help you learn how to control the tabs in the beginning but the indicator lights will lose their value to you fairly quickly. Their only real benefit is to be able to tell at a glance if the tabs are deployed before going on plane.

The auto retract feature would be important if I had a trailer bunk that could possibly damage the tab, but this is also a moot point for me, I have rollers.

Save the $250 for something else... Really.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll find something more performance-enhancing to do at that price. That said, I reserve the right to make the "switch" if I happen to stumble upon one at a price that can't be refused. :wink:
FYI ... for those who think you don't really need tab indicators might consider them for this use ...

"If" you run a fuel computer, you will find out very quickly that running the trim tabs at their most efficient hull angle-of-attack can create benefit GAINS of up to 20% in fuel efficiency over "not" running any trim tabs. But, when 'over'-tabbed, you can also seriously CUT your efficiency up to 20%.

Since I do run a fuel computer, I find that the tab indicators provide me with 'what number' is giving me the best ride AND performance efficiency in miles-per-gallon, as you'll quickly learn from the sea state that day. Then if/when I'm running/gunning and stopping to fish or troll, I can simply dial it right back in when up on plane again, given the same conditions.

This works out so well for me that I am strongly considering the Bennett Auto Tab mechanism that uses an artifical horizon to automatically keep the boat on the same angle of attack, regardless of the boat's speed and directions into the sea state.
I keep my boat in a marina on a floating lift and use it year round. I like the trim tabs all up for sure when I fire up the air on the lift. Since I also have a Raymarine C-70 Multifunction Unit with chart, radar and depth the Raymarine 300 depth module requires an on/off switch. I tied the new Lenco lighted switch to the same on/off switch.

Now when I return to the marina I can see the red lights on the Lenco controls and when I flip the toggle off the trim tabs automatically retract and the 300 depth module is shut off at the same time.

I like the lights for me. I was timing how long it took to go from fulll up to full down and trying to hold each for 1 second to get the same trim or I had to go all the way down to make sure they were at the same setting. I stop and go lot so the trims were always in use or I was fooling with them to figure out what position they were in. I can see my motor trim on the Yammie gauge.

Now I just look at the lights which adjust automatically to the lighting and it draws my forgetful mind to the lights to see where I left them last.

I shopped the new switch and it was $208 at [email protected]. It goes in the same hole in the dash but the module behind the dash is a bit bigger than the old switch and you have an orange wire to take to set up the automatic retract feature.

Many boaters I talk to do not need or want the lighted switch. This old forgetful boater loves his - especially if a guest is operating the boat cause I can see the lights.