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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
I need to replace an actuator on a 2003 25 ft extended sport cabin.
I'm trying to find a source to get the best deal to order one,
and would anyone here know a model number???
Thanks in advance
jpg1969":33g3cafv said:
Parker uses 12 x 12 ENS

Call their tech support at 772-288-2662. They have a 3 year warranty. They sent me a new one (no charge) for my 2002 last December. Their customer service is very good (even though a lot of guys here prefer bennett's).


Is that Lenco's tech support number ???
And why does the Parker dealer who sold this boat tell people the warranty is only 1 year ???
Yes, that is Lenco's support number. Not sure why the Parker dealer said 1 year. Check out Lenco's site - it's a 3 year warranty. Like I said, they honored it for me for my 2002 just last December. Good luck.
When you call the support number, they will ask what type of tabs you have installed. Based on that they can cross reference to the actuator - they also asked for a serial number but that was no where to be found in my case. I noticed when I received the new actuator that Lenco eliminated one of the joints vs. the original on my 2002. It was this joint that failed, causing it to leak, and eventually corrroded the motor.
Capt Ronnie, Parker warranties the parts and LABOR for one year, the Lenco warranty is 3 years on the parts only. Had to replace one last year and cs at Lenco was great. Supplied them with the serial number of the bad unit and had the replacement in three days. Install was very simple.

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