lets see some Parker fish

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Feb 23, 2006
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Middle River, Maryland
Lets see some good pictures. These are some shots from last year, Chesapeake Bay Rockfish.


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Shameless Parker plug. :wink:

Notice the wide angle lens and 'hold the fish way out front so it looks huge' technique! It was a good size anyway, 43.5 inches. SWMBO wouldn't let me get away with using the fish stretcher for a paper. :x


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I don't have any bubbas but here none the less...

The Captain weighing with Dad as the helmsman (CBBT)


My nephew with a keeper (CBBT)


Dad with some croaker action (M&MBT)


My son with awsome LT pullage (CCNPP)


Fishing with my Dad and my son is what its all about for me.

Combined with sights like this, can't be beat (CBBT)


Nice photos!
John, What is under that deck hatch in the first photo?
I don't have anything like that in the 'pit of my boat.
You mean under that dirty deck hatch? It is a fish box. I don't know how big it is, but I would guess it would hold 16 - 20 28" rockfish. HeHe it is perfect for doormat flounders.

My 2320 DVSC, as opposed to the new design (which makes mine a classic 8) ) is much deeper in the bilge. There's room for more boxes, but I don't want to loose that much foam to put them in!
rangerdog":o4p7qvib said:
You mean under that dirty deck hatch? It is a fish box.

Makes sense! :mrgreen:

Since I have three fuel tanks under my deck (as evidence by the pie plates littering the deck, 1 which you don't even see in this photo),
in-deck fish boxes aren't an option for me. :(

Well now that I know how to post pics, I'll purchase my first digital camera and post some spring pics of bass and fluke, God willing. :)
I don't have any pictures of "fish" on my Parker! :cry: :cry:

Am I allowed a substitution? :wink:


rangerdog":385gi0ww said:
Fishing with my Dad and my son is what its all about for me.

John, you are soooooo.... right!

It's all about family.

We have three generations diving together on our Parker! :D


I think that's why Parkers make such great family boats- there's plenty of open space so the whole family can enjoy it together!

It was a great season, 7 months of catching, last year. Fished primarily with my dad and son, largest landed was 47#, turned some friends onto some awesome fishing. Hope this year is even better.


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Anybody else get tuna fever the last couple of years?

-- Tom


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Here are a few more I dug up


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I've got a few pics


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Here a couple from last season.

1. Albacore
2. Albacore
3. Stuffed Kill Bag


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