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Just before she was put away for the winter...
Dirty and well used for the season. :)


Give me 4 weeks (or less).
She will be STRAK again. :D
Yea... Just before the end of the season, the marinas water system borked and it became contaminated with raw well water.

I came back to the dock around dark and while rinsing the boat off I noticed the water was a little 'dark', but didn't think too much about it.

It wasn't until the next morning that I noticed the rust stains. :shock:
The marina owners response? "The sun will bleach it out... eventually." :evil:

Gotta get to that hull while she is still out of the water... :wink:
I have a trailer for a short haul availible for you :wink: From being at my last marina I know on/off will remove it. Unfortunately I dealt with bad well water for 5 years--no more :D :!:
Here is a picture taken before the repower and two after the repower


  • Memorial Weekend 2004 013 (Small).jpg
    Memorial Weekend 2004 013 (Small).jpg
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  • suzuki 250 002.jpg
    suzuki 250 002.jpg
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  • suzuki 250 004 (Small).jpg
    suzuki 250 004 (Small).jpg
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This is a pic from last spring before it went back in the water for the year. It is only on the trailer for the winter usually. I will take a better picture this year.


  • trailerpic1.jpg
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This is a picture of my helm....


  • helm1.jpg
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Another 1998 1800. Recently moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.


  • Sharin' Time1.jpg
    Sharin' Time1.jpg
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Here is mine... today... with Master Mechanic/Detailer Billy hard at work:


  • today.jpg
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Raider Nation bassin in Boston haba

A little better pic, I hope !!!


  • 38lb bass.gif
    38lb bass.gif
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Unique :!:
Is that a custom factory color, or did you do it yourself?

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