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Mar 12, 2006
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Columbia, SC
I need to see some pictures of Parkers on a trailer. Specifically, I need to see what the center is resting on. Mine doesn't actually rest on anything. It's completely supported by the two bunks on the sides. I wasn't worried about this until my neighbor said something. When in place, it is perfectly balanced on the bunks and doesn't put any pressure on the jack stand. Do I really need rollers for support of the bottom near the bow?
Ask your neighbor if he has ever seen a dry storage facility with little rollers in the middle of each pair of bunks?
Here's a shot of our 2520 MVSC on the trailer behind my Yukon in the spring of 2001, just after sea-trialling and purchasing her from the Beaufort Boat House in Beaufort, SC. We're heading to Battle Creek, MI (1000 mi., +/- as I recall), thence to Little Current, Ontario, another 500 plus miles.

You can see the bunks (2 ea.) Neptune III rides on, which in my recollection were a full 2" x 8" on edge. If I knew then what I know now, I would have had the trailer configured so the bunks came all the way back to support the transom. The best setup would have the rearmost frame member of the trailer being a lot closer to the transom too, with less cantilever on the bunks. I don't think that trailer could be re-configured to do that; the whole trailer would have to be longer, because the winch stand can't be moved any further forward. Parker Boats would have to answer the question about keel rollers. I think they're a good idea, and Boston Whaler strongly recommends them for their boats, due to the strength of the keel. I think Parker's keels are a strong point too.


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I think Whaler uses the keel rollers because the rest of the hull can't support the weight when placed on rollers or skinny bunks.

I now it ain't a Parker but here's how my Grady sat...


Then sat...



And now sits....in a slip waiting on her 3rd trailer. I'll get it right sooner or later. :)

November 16th, 2003
Sea trial day, when I agreed to buy her. :wink:
Dang, she was filthy! :(




It was a 10,000# galvanized roller trailer with leaf springs, drum brakes, an may-pop tires... everything that I didn't want, so I sold the trailer and now wet-slip the boat. 8)


My worries are exclusive to the trailer, not the boat! I seem to be stuck with a trailer that is overloaded since the axle hangers continue to have cracks that show up. Right where the hanger is attached to the frame with U-bolts it is cracking until it is completely broken. I have replaced two and have cracks in a third. I didn't notice until tire wear on my Marathons got serious all of the sudden. That's when I found the first broken hanger.

EZ Loader has been very good about sending free replacement parts, but I believe the trailer is not strong enough for the considerable road use I put it through. I am probably atypical in this regard, but I expected to have a trailer that was going to do the job. When I bought the boat I was skeptical of the weight rating but was assured by the dealer that it (4700 lb.) would handle the boat fine. I have had no other problems with the trailer and have been very satisfied, but the hanger cracks tell me a different story. I should have listened to my instincts.

I will be moving to an aluminum bunk trailer as soon as the latest college loan is paid off. Kids before boat. I have enjoyed the roller trailer but it is not necessary for any of the ramps I use. However, I prefer the predictability of bunks and the lower profile when on the road. Support is better, although I have been told by several pro glass guys that Parkers are not likely to have support problems on trailers. They shudder when talking about other "No wood, no rot" hulls though.


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Your second trailer (tri-axle) looks like the roller bunks extend at least to and maybe beyond the transom - that's the kind of support there *should* have been on my bunk trailer.

It looks like your rear frame member is almost right underneath the transom - even better. Especially important to have support (direct if possible) under the transom when motor(s) is on a bracket.


4700# is way under specced, in my most humble opinion. Remember the standard nomenclature for weight capacity includes the weight of the trailer, too. With Our 2520 MVSC, OX66 225, a full tank of fuel and various sundries aboard, I feel I'm right on the edge with a 7000# rating.
You are correct kingfish. I purchased that trailer used from a CP forum member that had it under a 2820. So, it was a little big for my 252.

The new trailer is a 10,200 lb. GVWR Hi-Tech tandem axle bunk. It was ordered through Steve at ECT. I specifically asked for it to be built on a 26-28' frame so the main beams will end very near the transom and there will only be about 3" of bunk sticking past the main beams.

BTW - For anyone looking to get a new bunk trailer, I recommend you steer clear of Loadmaster. They're are certainly not put together as well as people lead you to believe. My front center bunks had the brackets installed all crooked and off center and one of the bunks was actually cracked underneath the carpet.
kingfish":42q47i8w said:

4700# is way under specced, in my most humble opinion. Remember the standard nomenclature for weight capacity includes the weight of the trailer, too. With Our 2520 MVSC, OX66 225, a full tank of fuel and various sundries aboard, I feel I'm right on the edge with a 7000# rating.

I would agree. I was suprised to see my trailer listed at 10,000# on the title, but after gw204 towed her chubby butt to Deale and back, and we put over 200 gallons of fuel on her, I wouldn't want less capacity! :shock:

If I ever buy another trailer, it will be a dual axle aluminum bunk of no less than 9,800#'s with torsion axles, supplimental keel bunks, all stainless hardware, stainless kodiac disc brakes on both axles (electric over hydraulic), Goodyear Marathon radials, upgraded winch stand with a turnbuckle safety, and all LED lighting.

Of course... if I got that trailer, I'll also need a new F250 PSD to pull her. 8)

Looks like I'll be wet-slipping until my money tree blooms. :oops:
When I bought the Diamond I selected a 9,000 lb trailer. I believe the dealer was going to put a 7,000 lb trailer under her, but I added up the weight of the boat, fuel, twin F-115s, and other assorted fishing gear and decided hat 7,000 lbs was cutting it too close. I had bent the axle of a pop-up trailer years ago, and learned the hard way to not go minimal on a trailer capacity.
This is DaleH's boat behind my truck 2+ years ago...


I'm not sure what the specs on the trailer are, maybe Dale will chime in.
Pulled the boat today...


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Here is my trailer, it can hold around 10,000 pounds. The triple axle is over kill and it has 80 non- marking rollers. It works fine but it would not have been my pick but it came with the boat.


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I have a 7400 lb rated trailer for a '96 2530.

Tandem axle, full brakes, 64 rollers.



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Dana... That is one beautiful boat.

Please post up some interior photos sometime. I don't think I've ever seen the inside of a 2530 before. :)
Kevin, I will post some interior ones. this weekend. Thanks. I think the dark, rainy view made it stand out more.

Here are some more outer ones, while I get organized.



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Couple more outside, then I'll get to it Kevin.

I'll send some interior ones next.



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Kevin, some interior photos. I'll send another one too.



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Oops. I thought I had a window one and ended up with the transom.

More inside photos here.



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