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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
Hi Everyone, while sitting around waiting for the weather to break I have been thinking of ways to spend more money! For the past several years I have been storing my large Type I offshore jackets on the starboard side of the pilothouse under the side window. (on the self) The only drawback is the jackets tend to get damp and dirty. This weekend I purchased two life jacket bags to store the vests. Does anybody know if the bags will fit in the same area. (I will take the jackets out of the bags when not at the dock) Unfortunately, I am 70 miles from the boat and will not get to the boat until Sunday.

I have 8 type 1 vest , and another 4 children size vest
I got 2 black stretch netting from GM cars that they use in the trunks
I used stainless hooks and attached 1 net on each side of the vberth, and all vests a stored up against the vberth walls very neatly !
I'll try to take a pic and post it.
Life jacket bags worked out well. I was able to fit two bags each with two Type 1 Jackets and two kids jackets. Looks neat and clean.


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Parker":1ph7ssk7 said:
Life jacket bags worked out well ...
... and I hope to God you can get to them fast if/when needed ...

FWIW I hope those bags have velcro closures, as I've seen many with zippers sealed shut after a few seasons ...

Like Capt Ron, I lined the V-Berth with the life jackets, plus a few in the cockpit when running.
Dale - the bags are Velcro and like I said in my post - while away from dock the bags will be opened and accessible.

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