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Nice Job Warthog5!
You are gonna save CP-ers some serious time chasin' down Google-links.
Thank you for sharing this with us.
WARNING: Visiting Wart's links may increase an already severe inclination to tinker with your boat. Side effects may include stray thoughts about laying a teak deck, a hankering for even more new power tools, phantom FG itching, wondering if maybe you shouldn't awlgrip the boat Admiral Blue afterall, a growing desire to take up welding, and a general tendency to daydream, ponder and become even deafer when you hear your wife's voice. Viewing at work is not recommended unless you have a door you can shut.
I see you have been to the ClassicMako Project Pages :!:
It is a very magical place where you can spend hours in project heaven.... :wink:
Great start to St. Pattys day!! Found my lucky pot of gold. Now all I need is a nice tall Guiness!!! :lol: :lol:
A couple of places I have found to be helpful:

Aftermarket Marine in New Orleans. They went off the air for a while after the hurricane, but I see they are back now. they have some bargains and some weird stuff.

Broken Leg Dave has some good prices on electronics - very competitive.

I don't have any affiliation with either of these places...

Another good source for parts for your list, marine or otherwise is McMaster-Carr.

I just ordered the expandable sleeve that fits over the fuel, power, throttle and shift cable bundle between the splash well and motor. If I get my order in before 3pm, it's at my door the next morning.

Also good for snaps, stainless fasteners, hose/fittings, tools to name a few.