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Mar 22, 2006
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Maintenance List for the Winter

I’ve got a lot of things in my mind floating around as far as projects for the boat over the winter.

For now I’ll keep it ready to fish on through January for those nice days to fish for offshore striper. Come February I can launch into all the things that might take longer.

I thought it might be a good idea to make up a list of things that should be done on every boat and that might be specific to a particular Parker hull.

Right now I would enter my boat in the dirtiest Parker in the recreational category. It is a mess!

Maybe by the end of this thread there will be enough info for every Parker owner to print off a copy and use it every year.

Here is my list of things to do…. I’ll break it up into projects and maintenance


Replace tabs with 24X9 Bennet’s
Wash and wax boat (ugghhhhh)
Replace horns
Add rod holders
Repair hull where the forward bunk has rubbed off gelcoat
Replace wiper blade
Replace anchor rode
Replace trailer tires with Goodyear Marathons
Add high water alarm
Consider upgrade of bilge pumps
Clean aluminum trailer to make it look like an aluminum trailer again


(I don’t winterize but that could be a separate list)

Change all oil and replace filters and fuel filters
Change plugs (that probably don’t need changing)
Water pump (F225 400 hours)
Inspect and repack hubs on trailer
Inspect brakes and fluid
Clean battery connections
Clean rust stain
Clean bilge

This is just a beginning.


Good list. I trailer a good distance so I spend some time checking my trailer.

- I check my trailer rollers
- I test the trailer lights
- I check my trailers emergency chains
- I check the condition of the winch cable
- I check my trailer tires for cracking
- I check for my trailer and boat registrations to make sure I have them,
the proper stickers are attached and they are up to date. Stupid but it
may surprise or even save you.
- I also check the condition of my spare tire
- And I go through all of my safety equipment, including my fire
extinguishers and flares and make sure they are current and in working
Fishdoc, Happy New Year! I would interested in hearing a follow up report on going to the bennet tabs. I've got an XL and have thought about doing same. Don't know what your using for wipers, but Jeep wrangler wipers have held up much better for me than the originals. I changed my horns to the Ongaro all stainless inside and out with the 5 year gaurantee. Only time will tell, but I've got a feeling I'm going to find out how good the gaurantee actually is.