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Jun 4, 2006
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Jacksonville. FL
I posted when I purchased this boat and made the mistake of not including pics. Here are the pics of the day I brought her home. A 1990 2520MV, Volvo diesel and duo prop o/d. Lots of things have changed on her since June when these photos were taken. I'll get more pics as soon as I finish the litany of project that are underway. she is an old but rock solid boat. Her name is "Mama Said" and she moves almost as fast as a glacier.
Welcome aboard livestock!
Diesel you say? :D Oh, yea...! 8)

We had a new user recently with a 1989 that posted photos, and they did not have those porthole windows in the v-berth, but yours does.
I'm guessing those windows were an option, but at some point became standard. Does anyone know when that was?

I'd love to hear the details of your ride, especially that radar. :wink:
I want an open array like that on mine someday. :)
Kevin...When I bought my 1992 2310 I was told that the portholes were standard that year. Don't know how reliable the info is, though.