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Gimme Shelter

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Mar 25, 2006
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Palm Harbor, FL
I keep my boat in a high & dry....last weekend I arrived at my boat to find the Yamaha f225 engine cowling badly damaged. The manager explained that a wave pushed the boat back into the fork lift when they were launching the boat. Definitely an accident and I was furious but held my composure due to the sense in yelling. The manager at first said he contacted his fiberglass guy to fix but realized there was too much damage. Before I left the dock he agreed to replace with a new one. Now I found out that they found a used 2005 f250 ( mine is 2005 f225) with a little(? ) spot on top that they are feathering paint to cover. Also, they are replacing the decals. Two questions:

1. Is the 250 the same cowling as the 225- I'm assuming yes

2. Would this be an acceptable remedy to you

By the way, my cowling was in perfect shape with no scratches

Thanks for your opinions
Unacceptable ...

Tell them you want a new or as new one and that's it.
Thanks Dale..I agree..I will take a look at the used one tomorrow but feel the right thing is to replace with a new one...
Depending on the condition of the replacement cowl the dealer found, I think it's an acceptable solution. He's replacing a year+ old cowl with a comparable one. At least he's willing to do someting for you and trying to save a significant cost for an accident. I'd give him a chance on this solution.
It would seem a professional businessman would have the courtesy to call you in advance and let you know, rather than let you discover it.

If motor covers have part #'s, I would expect the same part # as the motor is supposed to have.
swl7":2hi5itwe said:
1) Before I left the dock he agreed to replace with a new one.

2) Now I found out that they found a used 2005 f250 ( mine is 2005 f225) with a little(? ) spot on top that they are feathering paint to cover.

3) Also, they are replacing the decals. with no scratches
In retrospect ... maybe I was somewhat "hasty" in my determination of "new or else" ... And like others said, at least they tried to get you into the same product and yes, all covers of same block/hp range are the same part#, as what differentiates them is the color scheme, if applicable and decal set. But whatever happened to the courtesy of a simple phone call? "Hi Mr. X, this is Mr. Y from the marina, we had a small accident here today (as that's what it truly was) and your boat is OK but your OB cowling took an errant hit. We're going to look into it and make it right for you.

I could accept option #2 above with the new decals #3 provided the fiberglass repair was done to my satisfaction or equivalent to my old hood (wear & tear). As poster Burona correctly pointed out, at least they're getting you into the same model year, which as far as the wear & tear and depreciation factors ... they should do anyway without having to be told.

I'd say your settlement hinges on their "feathering" paint repair and I do not think it would be too much to have a Yam dealer paint to blend in that area, rather than try it with a touch-up brush paint, but YOU have seen the replacement hood, not me.

Also, the decal area should be properly wet sanded so you don't see decal lines caused by UV exposure from the old set. Another reason why I say a Yam dealer should do the touch-up work and A-1 guaranteed that they got that hood from a claims motor so they didn't pay a penny for it! So make them W O R K for their resolution. FYI - new OB hoods for OMCs are $600+, that means $900+ for Yummies ;) !
Thanks guys..I've calmed down. The 250 cowling did not fit according to the marina; however, they temporarily placed a slightly damaged 225 cowling on so I could use the boat last Sunday. They are sourcing another cowling so I will give them an opportunity to make it right.

I appreciate all the opinions and advice.