Marina made a boo boo.

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Feb 23, 2006
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Middle River, Maryland
Pulled the boat yesterday. I know all you Chesapeake Parker owners will say why, but with the holidays coming and the kids having things the next few weekends I will not have chance to use the boat. So yesterday should have been a good day to pull the boat.

The marina uses a fork lift to pull the boat and I always request Tim to run the fork lift. I tip him 20 bucks before he starts and he is always very carefull. Anyway after he lifts the boat out of the water and starts to move away from the hull out area the boat slides back and the motor hits the fork lift and cracks the cowling. After pulling the cover the black plastic shroud around the engine is cracked too. The good thing is the marina said they will repair or replace the cover. BTW Tim apologized repeatly. I guess shi_ happens.

I don't seem to have to much luck, last year someone hit and ran my boat and did $5200 damage to the bow and bow rail.

Stuff happens. It is just a tool to get you on the water. Glad they will make good on their error..
Look at the bright side... Since the marina will cover your damages, you'll be getting a 2007 engine cowling. :D

I had the same thing happen to my cowling this summer except mine happened when the marina was launching my boat ( I posted here on the forum ). It was an accident and the marina replaced the cowling...while it was not a 06 cowling it was as "good as new shape" and i am satisfied. Not sure how much damage on your cowling but repair was out for mine. Stuff does happen when you own a boat; however, sounds like your marina is as professional as mine when it come to customer of luck.
that's the exact reason why i left the marina i was at...the owner's response..."Johnny, go get the gray touch up paint..."...sorry bastards..... :evil:

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