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Wild Rover

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Mar 26, 2006
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Annapolis, Md
What Parker dealers, other than Tri-State Marine are in the Baltimore/DC area ? I had some issues at Tri-State with the service manager and will not be going back there again....Guy was a real jerk (although I think they do fine work) and I would rather give my parts/service business to someone else.

Thanks !
I think you are *done*. There's a dealer in OC, I think and one near Kilmarnic, VA sort of close to Richmond. Sorry about your experience. I have not had any problems with Tri-State.
Shorts Marine in Millsboro Delaware used to be a Parker dealer, but I'm not sure if they still carry the line. Google "Shorts Marine Delaware", and you should find their web site.

Only reason I know they were a dealer is because the original owner of my boat bought it new from them. I know nothing of their sales or service...
Man I'm sorry to hear that. Harvey has done me right every time, and has a reputation as "good as gold" over on TidalFish. Every once in a while a thread gets started about marine service, and Tri-State and Harvey always get glowing remarks.

I certainly hope your problem was an abberation.
When I was looking at Parkers last year I called around to several dealers (others were in NJ where I also will be boating out of) and they referred me back to tristate for new boat sales as Parker protects territories. The NJ dealer in Williamstown would only sell to me if my home port was in South Jersey.