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Merc Rev 4 17 pitch

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Apr 17, 2006
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Waretown, NJ
Doing some house cleaning after my prop buying spree. I have a used 17 pitch Rev 4. $275+shipping. The leading edges have a few rough spots but nothing major. In in NJ if you want to try it out some time.


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B-Faithful":1wectij5 said:
Where were you before I paid almost $500 for a new one in the spring :oops:

It'll happen every time. Mine arrived from SIM August 18th. :roll:
Yep, thats the way it goes. Actually, I was considering the 15pitch prop you had for sale. It was your posts regarding Rev 4 props that really helped me out. Then I found a dealer demo prop with 15 pitch in new condition on eBay and picked it up for under $300. Wasnt sure that I liked it so I grabbed a 17 pitch but that was definitely no good. So Ive been back running the 15 pitch. It puts my engine right where it should be and the response for a 4 stroke is much better than with a 17 SWS. I just hate cruising around in the low 20 knots, I like speed but with a 25 Parker and F225 yam, thats probably the best I will get. So until I get some extra $$ for that 300hp Suzi, I'll just have to wait.