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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
I woke up today feeling a little tired of the grind, so I decided to leave work mid morning and head down to my untarped boat to putter and wax. What a gorgeous day; the temperature was in the mid 60's and the sun was shining.


I waxed the boat. Very cool. 8)

I cleaned the inside of the sportcabin real swell, and put in the nice pillows and blanket I got around Christmas time. I was already to drill into the back of the cabin, to mount my ring buoy, when I realized that I errrr forgot my drill. :roll:

So out came the tunes (my new Tivoli Ipod Songbook). This thing rocks. Great sound. Listened to some old Journey, and walked over to the marina office to arrange to splash the boat. I figured they would schedule me a week out. Very happy to hear Billy say, "You wanna go in in 15 minutes?"


Took a short ride in Barnegat Bay, and put her in her slip after only three tries. Cough. :shock:

Tomorrow I will go down with my younger son, put better lines on her, as today I had to make due with some junk lines in my truck, and take her out and test if she can catch some winter flounder :!: We'll try to take a few pictures.

It's nice to be brought out of a funk buy a few nice pleasant surprises....

Tight lines all..
I'm jealous. I don't go in until later next week. :cry:
Pictures would be good... :)
I splashed yesterday....and boy did it feel good. It was a beautiful day and the Zuke just hummed along. I went for a 30 minute ride before putting her in the slip.
Soooo... Billy and I went down to the boat this morning. It was too windy and stormy with rain showers to go fishing, unfortunately. We put on the boat lettering, Mary Alice, after my youngest daughter. We also drilled into the pilothouse! It wasn't easy at first, but like many here have said, as soon as I did the first hole, it became easy. In fact I was thinking of drilling holes into all my neighbor's boats :D :D :shock: :shock: :D :D !

Anyways, here are some pictures:


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ParkerSal - Your lettering looks Great! I really like the black/red combo. I understand all too well about the drilling. When my father and I were rigging our outriggers I was measuring and remeasuring before pulling the trigger. While I was measuring Dad was drilling! w/o measuring. I asked if he drilled teeth the sameway. He just smiled! Anyway, the "MaryAlice" looks great.

Megabyte":3my5pkx6 said:
I'm jealous. I don't go in until later next week. :cry:
Pictures would be good... :)

I splashed 3 weeks ago, and have fishblood on the deck from the last two trips to the rips. may have me in post-count here on CP, but you are behind in what counts--time on the water with fishing rod in hand.
This week my friend... this week. :wink:
If all goes as planned, I should be in the slip by this Thursday. 8)
She came home today...


The boatyard was having a couple of pilings replaced, so she is docked on the wall 'temporarilly'.
She should be in her slip by this evening. :)

More photos in a seperate thread once I get her clean and sorted out. :wink:
Kevin - Not photos of the "new" outside helm. We want pictures. In any event Megabyte looks great.
Funny... Greg (B-Faithful) said the same thing. :D
Just got home with a couple of photos. If they look ok, I'll post em. :wink: