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Apr 18, 2006
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I'm at a slip now that I like, but looking at a $2000 savings if I go to a mooring. That's a lot of gas. My question is: Has anyone done this and regretted the move? Or done it and wish they did it sooner?
Well, I've always been on a mooring for 43 years of boating (at least that I can remember ...) and I prefer the privacy. And yes, that $50 mooring, which went up to $100/season 2 years ago sure looks good when compared to a couple $K slip, but ...

To give you a ballpark, where slips are $2K for the average boat, up here in the Northeast, seasonal mooring rentals are $300-$500. If you put own gear out, I urge you to consider a Dor-Mor (sp?) pyramid mooring, if in a tight ancorage or one exposed to weather.

Dock access is a key issue ..., as is parking and then transport out to your boat. I'm lucky as I can park at my boatclub and they have a 120' docks, room for personally owned dinghies on/at the dock, 2 skiffs for transport 24/7, and plenty of parking. Just a few considerations.
Good question.

I haven't done it but I had a mooring first and then switched to a slip four years ago.

Yes it costs more, but the boat stays cleaner and it is easier to maintain at a slip.

There are a lot of preferences in the decision.

If you still have easy access to and from the mooring then it is a good dollar savings. Our access toward the end was spotty, regarding finding dinghies, dock space to pull up to, and general launch availability.

Some others can comment about the switch to a mooring. I know the opposite, in that you have to pack differently, leave different things on board, plan your departure and arrival differently, and if you have guests you have to plan that out better.

There are more issues but if you have to save money, then just do it. You'll find yourself happy or you will have to get in line possibly to get back on a slip.

Then again, there are all the owners that trailer and have more issues!.

FYI, I paid about $2,800 for a slip this year on a 25' with just water and electricity.

I slipped for my four years of boating. Salt water environment. I cleaned the boat regularly in her slip, and couldn't imagine doing it on a mooring. I also flush the engine with fresh water after each use; how do you do that on a mooring?
I'm wet slipped and like the availability of fresh water and power.
Fresh water to keep her clean, and flush the motor regularly... :wink:

I only use the marina power for projects. I don't keep her plugged in like some folks do.

Moving gear and people easilly on and off the boat is the other benefit I would miss if I were on a mooring.
More expensive than a mooring? Yes... but for me, the benefits outweigh the difference in cost. 8)
I'm wet-slipped, and the biggest problem I have with my Parker is that I don't use her enough! :(

If I were on a mooring, and getting out involved a launch ride, or a tender transfer, I would be getting out even less :cry:

Sometimes all my schedule allows is a quick trip down to the slip to have pizza with the Admiral after an insane day at work -- wouldn't be happening on a mooring. :(

If you are already in a slip you know that a slip is way more than just a place to tie your boat up. If you get along with the rest of the gang at neighboring slips, it transforms your boat into a waterfront condo for the season. My "summer place" is about 2 miles from home. :lol:

I haven't seen anyone mention security yet. At my dock we all know each other, and keep an eye on comings and goings of strangers. It certainly is more expensive than a mooring, but I'll gladly pay it for peace of mind, and convenience.

My slip is just a few steps from the parking lot. 8)


Which makes a HUGE difference when hauling our SCUBA tanks back and forth to the dive shop after each trip. :p

Good point about meeting people at the slips. I was going to mention it but passed on it. If you are more of a loner then it doesn't matter where you are. If you socialize with people then the slip is easier and sets you up to possibly meet more people.

When we were on a mooring my wife and I used to go places by ourselves and occasionally catch up wtih somoene. We now regularly meet up with three couples or families. There are times where I get a phone call on a weekend where I won't be at the boat and some of them call wondering when we'll be there.

Also true that people on slips look after other boats.

A bit off-topic, but I'm on a trailer at a local U.S. Navy facility.

Was up in Cape St. Claire (near Annapolis) at Fairwinds Marina, and keeping her there on a trailer with full ramp privileges and 24 hr access (with guarantee to not be blocked in by winterized boats, so I could come and go), was approaching $1,700 a year. Was offered a deal I couldn't refuse...came to the top of the list at the Navy facility, and it costs me a grand total of $235 a year. :D :D :D Driving time is about 70-90 minutes one way (vice 40-50 minutes to Fairwinds), but savings is worth it. Oh yes...the fishing is better in Mid-Bay. :D :D :D