Mounting New Radar and Fun with Fish Tape

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Apr 12, 2006
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Parker River, MA
I'd like to get some advice on Raymarime Radar Install.

I was planning to route cable from the starboard front corner of hardtop, through its aluminum tube, down behind storage area, and up behind helm.
But, I spent nearly two hours trying to run the fish tape. No success yet;
there's a right angle in the hardtop tube I just can't seem to navigate.
Any advice on fishing tape will be greatly appreciated.

Today, in the pouring rain when/if it lets up I'm going to try again. This time, with an old shift cable. Or is there a better, easier way to route the cable?

Mounting radome and running cable into/out of SeaView 5'' base is rather easy but many options :?:
I'm not sure if I should drill hole in hard top to route cable directly into bottom opening in seaview base then out the grommet hole and up to radome. Or drill hardtop so cable comes through behind radome and cover it with ss clam-shell.

If I choose the former I'm thinking to put the hole for seaview directly in the center of the electronics box...checking for clearance for the other 4 mounting holes.

Thanks, Mark
I've seen people 'fish' a pull cord through t-top piping by attaching a shop vacuum to one end, and feeding the pull cord through the other. The pull cord follows the vacuum through the piping. :wink:
Can't tell you about aluminum tubing exactly, but I can tell you something about a Raymarine unit install last year.

Helped a friend put one on a 32' Silverton with all kinds of turns and right angles. Best for us in constricted places ended up being an electrical snake with soap coated along its length.

Two weeks ago we did it again and ran fume detector wiring from his upper helm to the bilge, a run of about 40'. Tried the snake without soap for about a half hour and then went to soap and had it run in about 10 minutes. Another thing is to pull the tape or string with it and leave it inside for future needs.

Don't know your setup, but for his radar he bought the radar mount and we ran the cable up through its interior. He bought the 5 degree Standard Power Mount.

If it is a continuous tube and you have acess to compressed air, use an air gun to blow string through there. The string has no choice but to come out of the other end. Then you can pull a larger rope or wire through with the string. Unfortunatly if the tube is not continous it will not work. Good Luck.
I have a 2510 with a hardtop. Tri State Marine installed my Raymarine radar and installed a separate tube rather than trying to snake the cable through the existing tubing. I've got pics somewhere at home of the installation...and will try to locate them and upload here.


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I had a 2510 for 9 years. consider mounting your unit from the hardtop. This way there's no wires to fish other than through the roof. It worked well for me and was out of the way.