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Feb 25, 2006
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Rowayton, CT
Hey there guys,

Well, my first Parker, a 1990 25' Sport Cabin MV, will be delivered this Tuesday :D . Even though I've owned SeaCrafts, Makos (including a project currently under way), Pursuits and, until last week, a 28' Blackfin, I've always had a hankering for a Parker.

Late last September I was fishing up on Cape Cod, and as my buddies and I were hauling our boat after a day of striper fishing, two guys pull up to the dock in a 25 Sport Cabin with a single Yamaha 225. Now, it had been really, really snotty all day, with a cold NE wind honking and rain coming down sideways. One of them looks over at us and says "Want to see something pretty cool?" We ambled over and looked down off the dock, and there on his deck was a four hundred pound Bluefin. Seems they'd been out about thirty miles in crappy conditions with a giant school of Bluefin practically all to themselves. They said that the only other boat out there was a big Cabo.

That's when my hankering turned in to an obsession. The trouble was, as I found when I started looking, that there really aren't too many good, used ones on the market at any one time. I must have had three or four sold out from under me while I was making up my mind. In fact, the one I ended up buying had been sold, and then came back on the market. The broker knew I was still interested, and called me right away. While we were on the phone -- and I'm not kidding -- another guy called about the boat.

Any way, all this is a long-winded way of saying GLAD TO BE HERE!