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Feb 25, 2006
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Frog Mortar Creek
This is my first attempt at a picture on a post. This is my boat on the day it was delivered. It is a Parker 2520 in it's pure form... well, almost. It has a canvas cockpit cover added. Inside is the micro-mini kitchenette, and, luxury of all luxuries, a flushable head.


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I'd love to see some photos inside the pilothouse.
Kitchenette and flushable head? :shock:
Don't let my Admiral know... :)
I attached a picture of the "galley." I really is very useful. It has a small refrig., cold water, sink, and a counter which doubles as a platform for the stove.

The next project will be to add radar, name, and to find more places for storage. I would really love to spend a night out on the water, but will need more storage for that to happen. Has anyone spent the night out on the hook?


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The Admiral and I spend lots of time on the hook. We went out for four days three weeks ago and had a great time! What kind of info are you seeking regarding overnighting on the Parker?
Bruce":3d3r2d5h said:
Has anyone spent the night out on the hook?
Night? Most I've done is 3 days self-sufficient, out and about , each night spent of the hook. My on-boatf tank holds 15 gallons of fresh water, though we don;t use it for drinking. We put a solar shower thing on top of the cabin or on the cockpit deck to get warm.

Agreed ... what kind of storage" advice are you looking for?

I think what you're getting at is ... when not sleeping, yes, one fills the V-Berth full of clothes, gearm and stuff ... and when sleeping ... all that stuff gets put into the helm area. Just be sure to keep your helm free in case you're anchored or whatever and had to move FAST in an emergency.
Here's a picture that may help with some storage and organization issues while over-nighting.

The aft sleeping quarters were very comfortable. The v-berth was used for storage and a dressing room area :wink:

The large storage totes work well for me to keep some organization.


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Awesome! :D

That's my favorite way to describe the dance floor - "Picture a cockpit big enough to pitch a 8X10 6-person dome tent!" :lol:

Now I have the picture to prove it!

On overnighters the sunshower is the bomb. Get the big one and carry extra water in a collapsible jug. Put it on the cabin roof for a few hours in the sun and PRESTO! Hot shower.

My wife insists on moving the Porta Pottie out to the Helm area -- She can't stand the idea of sleeping over it. Plus she needs to use it every fifteen minutes.

Carry a battery powered light to use as a reading light. Set the anchor drag on the GPS for a couple hundred feet, leave the All around white light on and catch some sleep. You will probably wake up fifty times the first night out so be sure to get enough sleep.

I switched to a Delta Fast Set from a Danforth for the sole reason that it will not foul when the wind changes. It resets dependably and quickly. Fifteen feet of chain helps too. Anchor in a sheltered area and out of any traffic lanes. I find remote coves that are protected from wind or well known anchorages for small craft (there's safety in numbers). You can also set a second anchor to control swing. This is a good idea if there is limited space and you are nervous about whacking somebody or something. I don't like to anchor off the stern -- you could get a wave there you weren't counting on and it might ruin your sleep -- for good.

Travel light, this ain't RV camping. Leave the unnecessary stuff at home. Find your anchorage during daylight.

You will sleep the deep sleep of Egyptian Mummies as you succumb to the rythmic lap, lap, lap of the waves against the hull.
We thought about a tent in the cockpit. Admiral and I used to backpack, so I doubt whether Spartan living will be a problem. Of course, now that I am older, I am the one who gets up 15 times a night.

I appreciate all the advice on camping out on the Parker. I'll let you know how it goes, but I won't be able to do that until later in the summer because of work. I love my job, but it really gets in the way of boating.