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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Here's my LED deck lights completed, using six LED clusters. The light they cast is way MORE diffuse in reality than shown ... due to the camera.

The ones up forward (you can't see the source in the photo) and up back spread a nice "fan pattern" of light across the deck. The ones in the middle do so too, but they also have a bright "spot" in the center, which is handy to use to tie on a new rig or I put the eel bucket right under it so I can easily hook them on at night.

Slick .. and the total amp draw is around 1 amp total, if not less :) !


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How Cool is that? Wow!. Rigged for night running!

Remember the movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery, Entrapment? When she had to twist and turn to make it over/under the light beams for the security system? 8) 8)

One of my alltime favorite scenes 8)

Let me know when she shows up to practise in your cockpit. 8)
Welcome to the LED fraternity! :wink: