My Parker has gotten fat (too heavy)

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Since it was drizzling today, I spent some time inside the cabin dumping the contents of the various compartments, cleaning the compartment, organizing the junk, and repacking the them. Man it is amazing what kind of junk you find there.

I keep loosing track of my jig heads, so I end up buying more. Well...I located them all, consolidated them, and figure I have about 50 lbs of jig heads. Some are 3/4 oz, some are 1 oz, and some are 1.5 or 2.0 oz. At 16 jig heads per pound (on average), I figure I have about 800 jig heads.

Same for the BAs and BKDs. Once all pulled together I have lifetime supply of them.

No wonder the Admiral has been complaining about my spending.

No wonder it takes the boat so long to get on plane.

Time to go on a diet and get rid of some of that stuff.
You have a lifetime supply of jig heads and I have a lifetime supply of Hopkins Shorties, Stingsilvers, and Trout Bombs. 8)

My problem is accomodating all of the (non-fishing) cr@p the Admiral wants to keep on board. :twisted:
Sigh... Think I can safely remove the SunShade now that the 'hot season' is over? :?