My Quest: Replace seaswirl striper 2301 Wa to 2120 Sport Cab

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dr tran

Jan 10, 2007
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Been looking at Parker 2120 SC for a while. Went to boat show and decided I just had to have one.

My order: about 45K
2120 SC
Yamaha 150 HP four stroke
Rocket Launcher-16 rod holder
Half tuna tower
48 Gallon Offshore/ Pacific Edge bait tank
Galavanized trailer
No Electronics

My Hesitation:
Is this the right motor? Should I go with 200hp Yamaha?
Is this boat going to have enough range? Albacore runs far
Will the ride be as smooth as my 2301 striper?
Is the price Okay

Advice Appreciated
Get the larger V6 motor!
I have a 21SE with a 150 2C Yamaha and it's very good on that boat.
I think the extra weight of the half tower plus the heavier boat, deeper V, and additional weight of the live well will make it pretty sluggish with the 4 cyl 150 4C.
I've got the 150 on my 2120 with everything you mentioned and I'm very happy with it's performance. It is economical, top speed 38-40mph and cruise 25-27. Not many days you can go that fast offshore looking for Albacore. I had an 1801 for 1 year and made the move to the 2120 and it is a world of difference as far as comfort and safety offshore goes. You will be happy with it. I fish out of San Diego. If you want more info. give me a call 510 376-3649
I have a 2120 thats great with a 150, but with the added weight a 200 might be better. You should try a base 23 foot, you get a solid transom across the back with storage, better for the big water. Retail for base 2120 is about 44,200 if you add a 200 it jumps to 48,500 but if you went base 23 foot its 54,000 . If you deal in the winter you should be able to knock 4 to 5 grand off the base prices. Good luck
Will it ride as nice as your Striper? It depends on where you sit. Helm will be more rough. Jump seats are sublime.

50 gallons of water = 400 lbs of weight. Get the F200.

Range? You will have 200 miles with a healthy reserve if you cruise frugally, wx permitting.

Rod holder (rocket launcher) is a must. I wish I had the extra tubes on mine.

Get a bunk trailer if you launch at good landings. You'll need the clearance with that tower. Roller trailer is tricky when I power load. It is a godsend when I'm at a crappy, shallow ramp (rare).

Can't imagine the boat without an anchor pulpit. Wish I had my second station finished - wish I'd had it factory installed and in the bank note. Auto pilot is a reasonable alternative. I want the second station so I can fish the tunnel islands and bridges up close and not have to run back and forth to the helm - that sucks.

Hate the front v-berth hatch (new). I climb all over the front of this boat to cast. I love to cast from the cabin roof. Delete the hatch! Get the west coast (taller) bow rail. It will come in handy when it's rough.

I like the look of the Striper. I have never been on one. Try the 2120 before you commit. The 2320 is a much different hull and is the better ride - as long as you can afford it and the boat always stays in the water. I don't want to trailer anything bigger than the 2120.

Private message me for more one-sided, pro 2120, Parker-Zealot type advice. I love my boat and love to admit it. I will also tell you everything that I don't like about it... which, I... er, can't think of anything right now but uhh... You get the point!
ive had the 21 ft striper 2003 model and just traded it in for a parker 23 ft sport cabin with f250 4 stroke pulpit ,rocket launchers , raw water washdown , i ran the parker this past year and if you ask me you cant compare the boats i liked the seaswirl but it cant cut a wave like a parker with that hull flair just a great tough boat if you you need more info please email me at [email protected] shawn from ludlow ma
owned a 1992 Wellcraft 21 with a 200 Yammie. Power was perfect. The Parker weighs more and is deeper, I'd go for the 200.Just my 2 cents.
Ranger Tim said:
The 2320 is a much different hull and is the better ride - as long as you can afford it and the boat always stays in the water. I don't want to trailer anything bigger than the 2120.

When I was shopping I looked at the 2120 and 2320 and after talking with the local dealer (Sundance Marine) and asking around I went with the 2320. I am very happy with the ride and have not had any problems when towing. I think the better ride and the extra storage you get with the 2320 makes up for the additional weight while towing.

Good luck with your purchase...
Everything you do with a small boat is a trade off. I'm not going into the size of the boat as you have your reasons for that. My buddy used to own a boat dealership and when I bought my first boat he gave me what I think was some very good advice. If you decide later you want more power it will be to expensive to bother with. With more horsepower you can always throttle back and most important, you will be running the engine much easier. Lower RPM's equals longer life.

I would and put the most horsepower I could afford.

Good luck.
I have scheduled a sea trial in a few days and will post my results.

Thanks for the responses
Sea trial in Mission Bay, San Diego and inshore.

2120 SC
150 hp Yamaha
3 Adults
Full tank of gas
No Bait Tank
High bow Rail and anchor pulpit/no anchor
14 rod holder spreader

Great riding boat in the choppy water.
The sport cabin is a Luxury, so nice and warm.
The boat tracked well in all directions relative to the swell which was minimal.
Steering was smooth and easy.
Very well designed fishing boat, No non sense.

Yamaha 150hp motor
4100 RPM we got 23 MPH...Tried all kinds of trim positions.
This is in the bay.
Very very slow boat, for me.

Would like a sea trial with 200hp Yamaha.

Does any have any data on their performance and fuel economy with the 200hp Yamaha