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Oct 27, 2006
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crystal coast nc
Generally speaking- do you find the NADA values on the Parker line to be representative of fair market value.

I am looking to buy a Parker and virtually all of them seemed to be priced higher than the NADA values
In my experience, NADA can be up to 40% low of the average retail price. Great if you're the buyer, but not good for the seller. FWIW, lenders use ABOS and BUCvalues, not NADA.

I used to have a membership to BUC and they valued my old Pro-Line at the price it sold for. NADA was $8K less :shock: !
I am convenced NADA undervalues the Parker line (and others) - .....For months I negotiated (NADA as a starting point) with owners selling Parker, C-Hawk and Maycraft boats only to be told "you can't have my boat for that price!" :(

After you get rejected about 8 times, it's time for an attitude adjustment.....I ended up getting a 1990 about 15% above NADA after some hard negotiating :wink: . Don't automatically bump your offer too far above NADA - you're coming into the time of year where bargains are found by the patient / persistent buyer... :lol:
I have found that most Parkers sell for considerably more than NADA value. That's one of the great things about buying a Parker. They hold their value very well, especially if you take good care of them(which isn't hard to do) I think that says alot about how well they're built.

Think of this. People try to sell with BUC value and buy with NADA value.