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Mar 6, 2006
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Hello all. I know this is not a dealer sponsored site or anything, and I'm not asking for what you paid for your boat, BUT...........

2 years ago I bought a used 25 foot Parker Sou’wester--1985 year model. I’ve really enjoyed the boat so far but unfortunately it has become enough of a project that I will likely take it out of service for a while which will leave me in a position to need a replacement. I’ve already re-powered it with a 2005 F250 Yamaha and replaced all of the electronics and the trailer, which creates my dilemma--$23,000 worth of stuff with no hull to mount it on.

What I would like to consider as a possibility would be ordering from Parker a new 2300 Center Console with everything but a motor. I could arrange for my motor to be mounted by my motor guy or possibly let them or one of their dealers handle that, whichever would be easiest and most cost effective.

I’m only a few hours south of the factory so delivery wouldn’t be an issue.

I'd like to have all the options added at the factory so it is done by guys who know what they're doing.

Is there any input you guys can offer on how much $$$ I'm looking at here?.

Matt Owens
It's been years since Parker seperated motor/hulls. You have a unique situation, and they might sell you a hull Yamaha pre-rigged. I would fear the price would include their profit from a motor sale making the deal less attractive to you.

You could try Crockers Marine in Wrightsville Beach or their sister Grady/Parker dealer in Georgetown.

If all else fails and you end up with an extra F-250, let me know. I'll be GLAD to take it off your hands! :D

I talked to you the other day about my 25' 1982 model Parker. If I had it to do again I would start fresh. As far as I know Parker will only sell their boats pre-rigged but like someone else said give Crocker a call. There is a marina on the south side of Bradley Creek on Oleander Drive in Wilmington that sells C-Hawk boats. C-Hawk has a hull that looks an awful lot like the early 80's Parkers. I priced out a hull with the center console and motor bracket and it was pretty reasonable but it is not a Parker. The fit and finish are not the same.
FishFactory":3m81p3oi said:
If all else fails and you end up with an extra F-250, let me know. I'll be GLAD to take it off your hands!

My thought exactly! :)

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