Need to add a Temperature Sensor

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If you make the effort to put a hole in the boat, particularly a through hull might as well have another depth sounder.

Also, if you trailer, choose transom versus through hull carefully.

And, don't you already have a depth sounder with temperature?

If you purely want just temperature, I would do transom setup for simplicity.

My sounder is an in hull or shoot through the hull.... whatever you want to call it.... so there is no temperature capability.

I don't need another transducer.....

It is certainly not a gimmick for offshore fishing.

I subscribe to a service to identify temperature breaks in the ocean. get coordinates... fish those areas. These temperature breaks are usually 3 to 4 degrees difference...... say 63 -67. Yes they are surface temps.... but the surface temp is what we can measure and it does betray the temps below.... predicts where baitfish are likely to be... and where there is bait there are bigger fish.

I'm out there wasting time and gas if I spend all day trolling in water that is 63 degrees.

In the bay surface temps are great predictors of certain species biting.

Regardless... fisherman are great consumers of gimmicks... aren't we! :D
I don't know what the cost difference would between cutting a hole in and installing a sea temp gauge or just cutting a hole and installing a thru hull transducer that gives you temp but I'd check it out.
Would there be an advantage to you to install a Tilted Element Airmar (has temp) and maybe a used Furuno 600L (I think a lot for sale as many want to upgrade to the new Furunos)?

I ask as this would be a relatively inexpensive way to get temp and ability to run 2 sounders on both frequencies at same time.

Also, it would look really good!