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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
Headed out into the mid bay around 1100. Despite the small craft advisory, the wind had knocked down the waves to a choppy "less than a foot". Right out front put out a three rod light tackle spread: Tandum chartruse bucktails, an umbrella spoon rig for bluefish and a white umbrella with storm shad baits. I like to troll east to west or west to east but with the wind and the deep vee it wasn't going to happen. Into the wind wasn't producing and all fish were caught on the following sea. Released several shorts, boated one nice sized blue, keeper rocks of 22, 23, 24 inches and this beauty at just over 34 inches. Not that heavy. She was caught by my son's friend Shawn as he was "up to bat". Its not only his biggest fish but his first fish of any kind ever! 40-50 feet of water. All three rigs caught fish. The bellies of all the rocks were completely empty.


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rangerdog":3iwk254z said:
The bellies of all the rocks were completely empty.

That is distressing to hear. :(

Omega is sucking up all the bait down inside the CBBT with their purse sein nets, and the fish up here are starving. :evil:
Up here in Long Island, NY the great south bay and outside ocean front is loaded with bunker like we have not seen in years.
I think they banned out of state boats, that is why there is alot more bunker in the last few years up here.

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