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Capt Keith

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Apr 13, 2006
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Wilmington, NC
After 3 months of miserable fuel burn on my 2001 2300 DV CC powered by the same year Yamaha 225hp SWII I repowered with a 2007 250hp Suzuki 4-stroke.
I use my boat mostly for Spearfishing and routinely run 40 miles offshore from Wilmington NC and dive around an abandon USCG light tower surronded by shoals. Normally I have 4 people, scuba equipment which includes 8 steel tanks, and 155 (max) gallons of gas.
Round trip I would run 100-110 nm and burn around 70-72 gallons of gas plus almost 2 gallons of yamma-lube. My MPG averaged around 1.4 using the refill/miles ran method.
After installing the new Suzuki along with a NavMan 2100 fuel flow gauge (awesome piece of equip and cheap to purchase)this is what I'm getting:
4500 RPM's -26 kts- 2.2 MPG
4000 RPM's -21 kts- 2.6 MPG
These figures are with 2 people on board and around 40 gallons of gas. Top speed on the GPS was 40.1 knots (vs 37 with the Yammie). I know that figure is not totally accurate with the wind and current, but that was at slack tide and little wind
My new round trip fuel burn on my maiden offshore voyage with 4 divers and around 90 gallons of gas was 40.2 gallons in 94 nm, for a 2.33 MPG fuel burn.
The engine weighs 100 pounds more than the 2-stroke yammie, a little less if you take credit for removive the oil tank with the 2+ gallons that it held.
So the end result is my wallet has a larger hole in it but my "operational cost have gone down on the offshore trips". Try explaining that to your wife-Im still trying!
I will try to post some pics along with this thread>


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I'm impressed with your fuel consumption figures (and with your boat!).

More horsepower, better performance, and a gain of almost 1 nmg... who could ask for more than that? :)

Those Suzukis impress me more and more...
I wonder if the company would let me 'test' a 300 on my boat? :lol: