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Warren Johnson

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May 13, 2006
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Finally got my Parker. I thank God, and my wife for making it possible! Thanks to Joe Oliver at Johnson Marine for all his help and advice. I took her out for the first time mon. the 8th. to the Channel islands in so. cal and she performed flawlessly. Being a previous boat owner(2301 seaswirl) I had my concerns about the 14 degree deadrise, but this didn't seem to be a problem in the 50 miles i put on her that day. Kudos to Parker for making one tough boat with a lot of deck space. My buddy Aaron and i were able to put 16 rock cod on the boat our first time out and it was awesome to be back on the big pond. Thanks to all the Parker owners who write their experiences on this site who helped me make my decision to get back in the game. Also the F150 ran smooth and strong. Good luck and tight lines to all you Parker owners out there. :D


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Thanks for the welcome susqking, even with the rising fuel costs it's awesome to have a boat again. I don't think i'll ever be without one again. It's pure torture when you see all the other boat owners having all the fun. I'll primarilly use the boat for inshore fishing, with the ocasional run offshore for tuna , and yellowtail. :D
Congratulations on the new boat. After seeing all the great pictures of Parker pilothouse boats, I am happy to have some company from the ranks of the SE crowd. Mine is a 23 SE without a hard top. It is ideal for my use in the Chesapeake Bay.


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Welcome aboard.

You've got one sweet ride. Be proud of what you have, and don't let the pilot house guys intimidate you. :D :D :D

One of these days when I get tired of snagging my flyline on the hardtop of my 2510, I'll probably be moving down to a 23 CC. For flyfishing and light-tackle jigging they can't be beat. Many of the guides here on the Ches. Bay use them.

Good luck fishing.
Hey Warren. Glad to see another 2100SE owner on the board. I look forward to hearing all about you boating adventures.
Welcome, good luck with your boat. I have a 25SE and love it. Use it mostly in Barnegat Bay NJ to 10 miles off shore. No complaints. :lol:
Welcome aboard ClassicParker Warren!
Looks like you caught Nemo! :D
Welcome! Look at how that fish's eyes bugged out when he saw your Parker! Hope you have many happy hours aboard. I respect you left coast guys, having to learn open water navigation early on.

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