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Quite a few 2320's represented here, though you may have to cruise the forums a bit to find what you are looking for. A photo database of members boats is planned for sometime in the future, but for now you'll have to use the search feature, or just cruise the forums.

Welcome aboard Massbasser! :)
Welcome to ClassicParker.

2120 here...couldn't be happier!
Massbasser -

I'm from Shrewsbury and work next door to you in West Boylston. Do you have a boat right now? Is that your boat, the "Molly B" on Rte 12 at the line?

Parkers are outstanding boats. I had planned on chasing tuna Saturday out of Chatham but the forecast changed that. Oh well.

I'm in Wrentham Ma, and keep my boat in Quincy Ma.
I have a 2003 2320 SC
I can most likely help you with some honest opinions about the boat!