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... and we are glad you're here!
If you have a photo, feel free to post. We love 'boat porn' here. :D
Hey Gary,
Was wondering when you would show up here. Glad you finally made it.
Hope you can stop and have a cool one this weekend after the fishing seminar.
If you are pre-registered and are going to the Northern Neck Anglers Club / Chesapeake Angler Sport Fishing Seminar on Saturday, be sure to introduce yourself to me, the Riverwatcher, owner of a 2510 Parker located at Mosquito Creek on the Rappahannock. I am handling the admissions for the NNAC for the Seminar.
Tom Smith
It was nice to talk to you at the Seminar and I'm glad you enjoyed the speakers. If you are thinking about getting a 2510 Parker with the modified 14 degree deadrise, I could give you a test ride on my 2000 model year with a 225 HP OX66 2-stroke if you can't get a test ride from Mid-Atlantic Marine in Warsaw, which is not too far from you. I got my Parker from them in late 1999.
The 2510 is in fact the boat that I am considering, however I seriously doubt that it will be new. Thank you for your offer, and yes I would like to see how the MV feels in some of the lower Rapp. chop.

I fish the lower Rapp. & cut channel in the bay quite frequently all of last fall from Carter's Creek, sunset cove area.
Welcome to virtual Parker nervana.

I have the 2510 MV, and fish the CBBT in Nov/Dec each year. Boat handles some awsome water, and as long as you are willing to slow down, does ok in 2'-3' chop.
Thanks for the info. That is reassuring news to here!

There was an older 2520 for sale last fall over in Middlesex County on Rte 3 at Marine Fab. The boat name was in big red letters along the cabin. Do you know if that boat is still there, and if so, do you know anything about the boat?
"Your" Parker boat is still waiting at Marine Fabricators for you. I saw it there today as I passed by on the highway. It has twin 225 HP engines, so I am guessing it is the deep vee (21 degree) hull. Their toll free number is 1-800-535-9028 if you want to check out the boat. I think I get about 2.5 MPG on my 2510 modified vee hull with a single 225 HP OX 66 2-stroke engine when running 31 MPH at 4000 RPM. It is the hatchback model rather than the transom bracket type. So be prepared to buy a lot of fuel if you get twin 225 HP 2-stroke engines.
I saw the 25 Parker (Dynamic Dreamer) that was for sale at Marine Fabricators being towed towards Windmill Point today. Have you found a Parker yet?