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Mar 9, 2006
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San Diego CA
What's up guys? I was just pointed to this site from When I bought my Parker last year I searched everywhere for a Parker owners site, but couldn't find one. I am glad it was pointed out.

Anyway my name is Brian and I have a 2005 Parker 2320 SL with a Yamaha 250 4-stroke. I live in San Diego and fish moslty in Mexico.

Here are some pictures of the sled.


  • ParNonePort.JPG
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  • HelmAngleBD.JPG
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  • TankangleBD.JPG
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Par None - very nice. You did a great job mounting all of your electronics. I can't belive how much you were able to mount with such limited space. This may answer 96TL's questions.

Thanks guys. We had to do some serious "relocating" of fuse panels etc on the back of the console to get everything to fit. The navman was the last install and it required the most relocation, but I think it came out really well.

I wish we were able to mount our electronics like that. We are little on the over kill side of the electronics spectrum and even with 3 windshields, our screens cut into our visibility often. We are toying with the idea of selling our 10.4 inch RL80CRC Plus screen and our 7 inch RL70C Plus and buying a the new E120 or the E80 and only having that and our 7 inch RL70CRC Plus. Who would have thought you could have too many toys :( .

Any words of advice would be great.


Porkchunker":3sxw5unm said:
Welcome to the board.

BTW, that is a great looking bait tank. Who makes it?

A tackle shop in Newport Beach Ca makes them. Their name is Pacific Edge tackle. They match the Parker color exactly and actually supply bait tanks to the Parker dealer in San Diego.