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Jul 23, 2006
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Oriental NC
looking forward to hanging out mt first parker a week ago.....2001 2310, 225 yamaha....83 hrs... Ive known the boat since it was new. I now know why yall love your parkers so much. We stay on channel 19, dont have a name yet, so just call Sandy......we'll be breaking in the parker in the tarpon tournament this weekend, wish us luck. Nice to meet yall............Sandy
Welcome to ClassicParker. You'll find discussions and pics of just about every kind of repair and mod you can imagine in the Projects forum.

As a reminder...membership in this group requires occassional posting of boat porn (that means pics). :D :D :D

I guess we'll have to blame Kevin (Megabyte) for the boat porn phrase used ubiquitously here on ClassicParker.