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Nov 7, 2006
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St. Leonard, MD
After looking at many Grady Whites I ran across this Parker 1997, 2520 with notched transom, that seemed to fit the need with few compromises. And the price was right. In addition to a 200 Merc it has a 9.9 Yamaha kicker with an interesting steering and control arrangement.

The one item of concern is the oversize towing issue. I understand Porkchunker is operating out of the Southern Maryland area also and runs the gammit of regulations, permits and special needs for towing in Maryland and Virginia, yearly. Any help with this would be appreciated. I can see the need to tow to the Eastern Shore, Norfolk and Virginia Beach in the future.

This looks like a great forum for a great boat. Thanks for having me.
Welcome to ClassicParker nhr3!

I wet-slip my 2520 so I don't have those towing issues.
Hopefully, others with experience in that area will check in with their experiences.

Welcome aboard!
I live in Southwestern Michigan, but bought our 2520 in South Carolina, trailered her home then on up into Canada, where she stays. In preparation for the trip, I got online and started researching the Secretary of State or Department of Motor Vehicles for the states I was going to pass through (South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario) for respective regulations. I found in general, with the exception of Ohio which I avoided, that being over 8'-6" wide but under 10'-0" wide, all that was required was a pretty inexpensive permit ($25.00 +/-), red flags at the rear corners and a limitation of driving during daylight hours and staying clear of some roads that weren't critical path anyway. Ultimately I found an online company whose business, for a very reasonable fee, was to take the route from someone like me and procure the permits. It was all done with credit card and faxes.

These were one-time permits, good for about a week, but I understand that if you are planning to stay within your own state, or within just one or two states, but plan to trail more than just once or twice a year, annual permits are the way to go and are also pretty reasonable.

If I were you, I'd start by getting on the website for Virginia, determine what branch of state government deals with over-wide permitting, and peruse their area of the website for regulations, permits, fees, etc.

Good luck-

Yes, I tow a 2510 around MD and VA. I make one trip to Norfolk (CBBT) each Nov or Dec, and make one trip to Tri-State Marine in Deale for the annual service and winterization.

Permits for VA are very easy...everything can be done on line. VA permits are $12 each way. Since I only enter VA once a year, I simply buy the on-line permits for $24.

Permits in MD are also easy. I go to the local SHA, fill out a form, write a check for $50, and have unlimited towing for a 30 day period. Normally I time the purchase of that permit so it covers my trip to/from VA in Dec and my trip to Tri-State the first week of Jan.

Both states require the "Wide Load" sign front and back, and red flags at the widest point in the load. I bought those at a truck stop along I-95 one day. I have pics of the rig, and I'll see if I can find them.
i would be interested in contacting the group that did your permit package. if you have that info at hand - please post. i also have a 2520 and am interseted in moving back and forth between fl and sc. thanks, dj
Can't seem to find the pics...maybe they were "before digital" :( :( :( Will keep looking and scan them if I find them. Will be going to the CBBT on 22 Nov, so I may just wait until then to get the pics.

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