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Mar 3, 2006
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Hello , just found out about this board a few days ago. From what I have seen so far it looks to be a winner. I run a Parker 2530EC out of Niantic Connecticut. Fish for fluke and bass in the spring , do a few shark trips in late June and then spend the balance of the summer and early fall putting a few tuna in the boat. Looking forward to this year already.
This is the best I have at the moment, will take one better this year



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Welcome aboard Outlaw....

We have already had a few new members (Steve Baz for one) asking if anyone has first hand experience with the 2530. Good to have you here! Please post pics of your rig.

ParkerSal":3nvz0nxs said:
Welcome aboard Outlaw....
Please post pics of your rig.

Absolutely! We don't get to see too many 2530's :!:
Outlaw, I beleive I've admired your boat at Boats Inc if I'm not mistaken? I bought both my Parkers there. I'm slipped down in Bridgeport but envy your eastern location and your access to the many good fishing grounds up there. I have often thought about keeping the boat on the eastern part of the state and driving that 50 miles in my truck instead of by water. The extra $$ you pay there might be worth it. :wink: