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Don't Trip

Apr 3, 2006
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San Diego
Found this site an another board, Looks like the place to be if you like Parkers. Sold my first Parker, 1991 25 DVWA single 250 last spring. Took delivery of my new Parker, 2005 DVSC twin F150's directly on the transom in the fall 05.
For the money, you can't buy a more solid all around boat. IMHO


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Wow, yours is all Bidness :shock: !

Too quote the esteemed Homerus Simpson, "that's a nice donut. 8) "
Welcome aboard, and thanks for the photos!
I love to see the regional touches. You west coast guys sure carry a lot of rods! :shock:
Chingon Metal Fabrication, Natioanal City, CA
858 254 3541
619 702 4830

Ramon is his name.

The tank easily holds 3 scoops, hand wells, cuttung station, and storage underneath, and holds 8 to 10 rods. all aluminum, powder coated.