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Nov 9, 2006
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North Shore, NY
M name is Nelson and I'm dead set on getting a parker 18 cc. I will be a first time boat owner and have been wanting a boat for close to 4 years now.

I have been checking out the used listings and have not completely ruled out a new boat but would prefer a hull that is five or less years old.
Keep an eye on the classifed section at ClassicParker.

I imagine that an 18 foot Parker is a great first boat; yough as nails, forgiving, and easy to maneuver. Good luck...
Welcome, I am located on the south shore Long Island. Check with white water marine in sayville. Also check the internet. Last month I picked up a 2006 2120SC with trailer from Michigan. Mass has a number of Parker dealers who will sell used Parkers.
Good luck

Oakdale Yachts in Oakdale, Long Island has one on their lot on Montauck Highway

Thanks for the replies.
Contacted Whitewater. I will also contact other dealers in the northeast.
Reading up on boating and Parker's every chance I get!
Here is the link to the 'used boat' page on my local dealers web site.
No 18 CC's on it now, but I don't know how often they update it.

Give them a call, ask for Ron Young (a ClassicParker forum member), and see if he knows of any that might be traded soon.
Call your local dealer and ask the same question...

Many times a dealer will know in advance that a previous customer of theirs plans on trading up. :wink: