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tall tails

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Jul 27, 2006
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Beverly, MA

I used to frequent the parker forum and occasionally the one. I had many discussions with Dale and others years ago and just recently found this forum.

I own Tall Tails, a MV2520, 1989 hull, 1998 Mariner 200hp. Lots of goodies: radar, color chronograph, GPS chartplotter, downriggers, outriggers, DSC radion, bottle opener....

I use my boat 10 months of the year, in New England, for fishing, diving, hauling lobster traps, and occasionally cruising. I am looking forward to catching up with all the other owners.

Talk to you soon.

Porkchunker":n7otoacz said:
Welcome to [man I can't believe I beat Kevin (Megabyte) to this welcome].

Yeah, he must be out taking more Parker Porn Photos :lol:

Ah, Tall Tails, probably the first Parker I ever laid Jealous eyes on years ago. Long before I knew the many virtues of a Parker, I admired Tall Tails classic lines every trip out, inbound and outbound. I'm glad to see you found us over here on

You have one Classic Parker, and I'm sure you have lots of insight on the care and feeding of a Parker to share with us all.

I see you go up and down river (I live right by the mooring). I also see you diving many of the same spots I do. Stop by next time you see me out. I look forward to meeting you.

Will Do!

Looks like it's gonna be a busy August and Sept, making up for bottom time we lost due to weather earlier this summer. 8)

Glad to see you here.

I was the other '89 MV (no name) at the Boston Harbor get together Tues. Had a great time... my 1st time out there. Didn't boat any bugs though.

I posted some pix of the boat when I joined in March(?).

Great to see someone who really gets a lot out of their boat, especially here in the North. I'd be interested in finding out/meeting up perhaps on the East side of Stellwagen some time. I'm pretty much a bottom fisherman/ fill the freezer with cod or haddock, but I'm having less luck than 40 years ago.

I fish mostly S. Shore but need to look further afield.

"Antiques Rule!"


Marshfield, MA
Welcome aboard Jon!
Antiques, do indeed rule. :wink:

We love boat porn photos here. :D
here is an old picture but she still looks the same.


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It was good to meet you.

We got 9 bugs that day. All were just over legal.

Great day on the water....