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Feb 24, 2006
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Staten Island NY
]Traded our Donzi CC in on a new Parker last fall. Boat is at the dealership being rigged now. Hope to have it in a couple of weeks.Loaded it up with all the options including TV camera and underwater lights.[/b]
Windy, Congradulations on the new rig! When the fishing is slow you could square dance or practice your putting in the aft of that boat there's so much space. :lol: If anyone else is looking for one of these 28's, Big Mojo, from Maine has one for sale rigged to the nines, with a trailer I believe for $125K. He bought it in '05 and has very low hours. It's on Yachtworld and THT. Post pics of your new rig when you get it and how you rigged her.
My father fishes a buddy's 28 regularly. He has even done a couple overnighters in the canyons. The boat is rigged with twin f250's and he sings the boats praises all the time.. I am sure you will be more than pleased.
Windy... I hope you realize that we have to see photos of that rig now that you've teased us so.
TV camera and underwater lights... :shock: I love it!
Ive been trying to download pictures and its not working for me. As soon as I figure it out Ill get them up.
Here are some shots that I took of a 2820


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I think that what is interesting about every model that Parker makes, is that each one, from the 21 to the 28... they are each proportioned so well that they all just look "right", no matter which size you're looking at. :)
Finally figured out how to post pics. Put 3 on another thread, heres 3 more. Should be taking delivery in a couple of weeks.


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I'd love to hear your impression of that Garmin radar once you've had a chance to try it out.
Radar is on my list of "I want"... right after outriggers.
As soon as we get it home and get a chance to check everything out Ill let you know. Had good luck with the Garmin chartplotter on my old boat, and their customer support is good.