New Parker owner here from Brooklyn, NY

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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
Hey guys. I'm new here. I usually hang out on THT but it's great to join a forum dedicated to Parkers. I just purchased an '06 Parker 2320SL with a Yamaha F250. I take delivery 3/8 and I'm very excited. I'm from Brooklyn, NY and fish mostly in Jamaica & Raritan Bay for Stripers, Blues, Fluke, Porgies, Winter Flounder, Blackfish, and Sea Bass. I traded in my '01 Seaswirl 2601 Striper for this boat. I've only been boating for 1 season so I still have a lot to learn. I'll be asking many questions here.

See you around.

Dominick 8)
Welcome Dominick. I gew up in Brooklyn, and my folks and brothers and sisters all still live in Bay Ridge. Great boat you bought. I almost bought the same one, only I found my 2520SL with an F250 slighly used that I couldn't pass up. I too have lots to learn. Anyways... some incredible knowledge and posts on this site already. Check the projects section for a few ideas.
Hey ParkerSal. I think we've spoken on THT. You helped me pick this motor I believe. :D

Dom 8)
Im Windy from Staten Island, fish in the same area you do for the same kind of fish. Im also waiting for my new Parker. Had a Donzi center console before so Im really going to appriciate the comfort of a closed cabin in early spring. See you under the VZ and around the islands.
Awesome. My boat is named "Anna Bella" in case you see me out there. I also fish on my friends 2520, "La Teresina".

I'm in your area I have 3 Parkers, A38 Holland, Maritime skiff and Contender Karen Ann is my boats name if you need anything don't hesitate to call